Writing For New Media (week 11)

As the semester draws to a close, I cant help but look back on all of the information and knowledge that I have acquired throughout this course. This was the first time I had ever created and maintained both a website and blog, and I must say that I genuinely enjoyed doing both.

Creating a blog allowed me to be creative and design a space that is unique on the Internet. Learning how to format all of the components, such as links and tags, was also beneficial because I know that companies will look for employers who are skilled in that area when they are hiring us in the future.

I did find that creating a website was more challenging than the blog. However, I enjoyed the process of overcoming obstacles and figuring out how to accomplish the look that I was going for. I also found it interesting to research our topic and include that in the website, because it forced me to be more formal and educational- rather than just make a personal website.

Overall, the Writing For New Media course taught me a lot of valuable skills that I am going to be able to carry with me throughout the rest of my education and in my professional career as well. Learning about Copyright and Trademark cases was another aspect that I am grateful to have learned about, because it is a prevalent issue and one that is still very relevant. This was probably one of my favorite courses this semester, because I feel as if I gained a lot of real-life experience and got to be hands-on with projects and classroom involvement. Thank you.


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