Focus on the Essential Message

Writing For New Media (week 10)

This week, I wanted to highlight the “essential message”. As we are approaching the end of the semester, I thought it might be useful to touch on the key points that I have learned throughout my semester abroad.

In our Writing For New Media tutorial for this week, we spent a large portion of the class discussing the overall message that we want to portray when making our websites. I took this idea of an “essential message” and applied it to all aspects of learning while here in Limerick. What is an “essential message” you may ask? Well, I took this concept to mean the goal or idea that you want your audience to gain a better understanding of. When creating a website, this means that as soon as they enter your site and as soon as they leave it, they should be able to reflect back on the content that they just saw and be able to learn from an overarching theme that you, as the creator, had portrayed to them.

For example, the theme for my website is “what are copyright cases and how can we prevent ourselves from violating them”. So, my essential message might encompass what you can do to safely credit the media that you use online. If any of my readers leave the website and were asked to explain what they had read about, they would be able to at least give a general understanding of this “essential message”, because I had mentioned it numerous times throughout my site.

I think that building an “essential message” is important for any project or class, because it allows for you to gain insight into a specific lesson that you otherwise might have missed.


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