New Challenges

Writing For New Media (week 8)

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As we build upon the creation of our website, I am finding it a lot more challenging than I had originally thought. I feel as if creating and maintaining a website is a lot different than creating a blog. First of all, I never knew that there could be so many problems that you must take into consideration when you are trying to appeal to your audience. There can be hurdles on both macro and micro level challenges such as:

  • language barriers
  •  infrastructure problems
  • lack of control over the response times and the entry point to the site
  • learning how to blend the different elements such as content, visual appearance and usability
  •  the lack of knowledge of user behavior (we have online measurement resources such as google analytics which help with this, but it can still be hard to gather data for new or underdeveloped websites)

These challenges have allowed me to grow as a student, because I am using more resources and “thinking outside the box” in terms of how to create a website that is both functional and professional. I am enjoying the lecture and tutorial material, because it helps to navigate the somewhat difficult task of creating this site. I am looking forward to working through these challenges and gaining valuable insight that will help me throughout my academic, and professional, career.


Noelle Beacom




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