Meaningful Knowledge

Writing For New Media (week 5) Blog Post #2

Over the past few weeks, I feel as if I have gained an enormous amount of new information. Transitioning into a new country and trying to adapt to it’s way of life has provided it’s own set of challenges and hurdles. However, although it has been tough at times to feel acclimated to this new environment, it has given me the opportunity to grow and learn more than I ever thought I would. For example, this past week I attended one of my Irish Music and Dance tutorials. I had originally planned on taking the dance tutorial, but due to clashes with my schedule, I had to take the music one. I would just like to point out that I have absolutely no background in vocal lessons, aside from being in my middle school choir as a child.

I nervously entered the room and prepared myself for the embarrassment that I was most likely about to endure for the next 50 minutes. But, to my surprise, the instructor soon entered and introduced herself by saying: “now, who’s ready to sing and have some fun!” I was immediately put at ease, and didn’t feel intimidated anymore.


The rest of the class turned out to be a blast, and we learned a new Gaelic song called “Ta An Coileach Ag Fogairt An Lae”. It was amazing to be able to immerse myself in the culture of traditional Irish music, and gain meaningful knowledge that I had been craving since I had arrived abroad. It pushed me to go outside of my comfort zone, and challenge myself to try something new. I am so glad it did, because now every week I am actually excited to return to class and learn new material!




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