Social Media Wrap Up

JRM 327



Seeing as this is only my Sophomore year- and really only the third Journalism class I have taken thus far- I can honestly say that this course helped solidify my passion for my major. During the first couple of weeks of the course when you introduced the blog that we would have to create, I genuinely got excited. Normally I tell my friends about writing papers or doing a project like this, and they give me a look of pity. They say “oh I’m so sorry, writing that much sounds awful”. I, however, would have to disagree. I thought that having us reflect on what we learned in class and learn to share our ideas on a public platform really helped me to find my inner voice. The “What’s Your Sentence” project was also one that I enjoyed- because it challenged me to actually think beyond my short term goals.

Before taking this course, I never really knew just how important Social Media is to an overall brand. I have always thought of it as a supplemental tool that companies use to attract people to their brand, but I have learned that it is so much more than that. It is a sense of community, your identity, and the message that you are trying to send. Our visit to the Humane Society was particularly inspiring, because I think that just sitting there and listening to Elizabeth talk about all of the challenges that her job entails (but also all of the amazing opportunities as well), it made me appreciate social media so much more. With our society becoming more and more dependent on Social Media and the content that it provides, I now see just how crucial this class was in understanding how to utilize it in the best way possible.

I would have to say that my one criticism of the course was that the Abide project felt a little stretched out, in the sense that I think it would’ve been more effective if we had done the presentations towards the middle of the semester. I think that I somewhat forgot about all of the points that Teddy and Kandy had made when we first visited, but overall I really enjoyed learning how to create a social media strategy for a company.

Throughout this class we held discussions and went over material that will actually apply to the work that I will have to do once I graduate from Creighton, and that is probably my biggest take away from this course.

Thanks for everything Carol!



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