What I’ve Learned

JRM 215

Over the course of this semester, I have undoubtedly gained a better understanding of the ways in which communication is evolving via technology. We have watched videos, written blogs, and have heard presentations- just to name a few- and these resources have shown us what it is like to live in today’s world of digital transformation. Some of my biggest takeaways from this course have been the knowledge that I have gained in regards to the different methods of communication, what challenges are facing the Journalism industry today, and how the future of digital communication looks like moving forward. I had a lot of fun taking this class, and it really was a good foundation to grow upon throughout the rest of my education in Journalism.

As I said, my first big take-away from this class was the knowledge that I have gained in regards to the different methods of communication. For example, after reading our first book “Program or Be Programmed”, I saw for the first time just how big of an impact the digital world has on the way in which we interact. The video that mentioned the little girl who found comfort in her online Hunger Games success, or the baby scumbag who found fame in exploiting himself for the sake of “likes” is another way in which we can see the extremes that people go to just to find comfort on the internet. I actually liked watching the videos and TED Talks that you showed in class, because I am a visual learner and appreciated this style of learning.

The second take-away that I got from this course is an insight into the challenges that Journalists face today. Media jobs are constantly evolving due to the rapid growth of technology over the years. We learned via the Nicco Mele Podcast that consumers no longer want to pay for their news- they would rather read their information for free via the web. In order for Journalism to stay relevant we must adapt a new business model that would remind people of the importance of the unbiased, evidence-based news platform that newspapers provide.


Speaking of this new business model, my last big take-away is the way in which digital communication will look in the future. With new content marketing platforms such as the PESO Model and Integrated Marketing Communications, online communication can be measured and recorded like it never has before. I think that the future of digital communication still has some obstacles to overcome, but that we are better equipped to handle whatever challenges the industry may bring.


Moving forward with this course, I would continue to implement the videos and blog posts that help us, as students, digest the information that we learned in class and reflect on how it actually impacts us. This has been helpful my learning process of the material, and made sure that I truly understand the concept that we cover in class. I would also suggest more class discussions and group interaction- because this is a communication course after all, and will help us see view points that may be different from our own. Overall I had a great time participating in this class, and learning about the way technology has transformed over the years. Thank you!


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