The New PR and Advertising

JRM 215

When we think of the way in which technology has changed over the years, we often think its affects on the obvious industries such as newspapers and news media. However, we must also highlight the transformation that Public Relations and marketing have had to undergo as well. This profession has had to evolve– in terms of content, delivery and business models. This change has brought about many new ways in which we, as consumers, receive our advertising.

Public Relations is more strategic than it has ever been in the past. With the competitive market of essentially “buying” one’s attention, you must excersice all digital (and even non-digital) mediums in order to be successful. After listening to the Envoy presentation, I realized just how much advertising and PR has had to transform.

In the beginning, early native marketing was the only way you could advertise to your audience. This is included radio, television, and print ads. Nowadays, however, you must use campaign promotion such as digital ads, POS, FSI and social media in order to promote a message. The trouble with advertising in the past has been the fact that there was no measurability, and you couldn’t target a specific audience. Nowadays, there are many different sites that measure analytics for you– and even entire businesses created in order to help you measure your social engagement.


In order to be successful in today’s advertising and PR field, you must incorporate the PESO model. This framework for building a communication system is one of the ways in which company’s are staying relevant in this digital age. Instead of just getting your client’s name on the front page of the New York Times, we are now expected to gain attention across all types of media platforms– not just one. The power of the consumer to in a sense tailor their media to ads that they specifically want to see- and blocking the ones they don’t- is both frustrating and empowering at the same time. As a consumer, I tend to resonate with trends that provide me information or advertising that is subtle- yet interesting enough to grab my attention. I personally love visual advertisements, because I think that a powerful image can portray a message in a short time- but leave an impactful meaning.


Instead of relying on third party endorsements to help share information, PR professionals must now build positive relationships with companies if they want to team up on a project. This integration of marketing, public relations, and advertising (also known as Integrated Marketing Communications) is going to be very important for the future of communication. Companies must compete with multiple outlets in this digital environment that is both fast-paced and somewhat competitive- in regards to sharing a message. PR and Avertising must now be integrated into your daily life, and grab the viewers attention via creativity and originality.

I used to think PR was just a profession that built relationships with brands and got their name out there for everyone to see. But now, in this digitally based world we now live in- I understand that it is so much more. You must be a jack of all trades, and incorporate your business model into both native advertising outlets such as print and radio- while also promoting a brand via social media. I am excited to see where PR and Adverting goes in the future, because I think that this industry is still very, very relevant to the consumer.


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