A Picture is Worth a Thousand (Dollars?)

JRM Social Media 327

As I scroll through Instagram perusing the various photos that my friends or family have posted, I often notice myself getting sidetracked by all of the aesthetically pleasing photos used by businesses. A company’s ability to sell their brand via Instagram is a huge benefit in their overall marketing strategy. Most people don’t even click on something nowadays unless it has an eye-catching visual that portrays the brand’s particular message.

With so much importance placed on a company’s photos, Instagram steps in to fill the space needed to spread them. The quality of the photo and the message that it sends can have a phenomenal impact on the overall success of a brand. After looking through a few of my favorite’s, I found one regular brand and one nonprofit one that I believe utilize Instagram really well.

The first company that I really like is Purely Elizabeth Granola. I have been purchasing this brand of granola for about 5 years straight now, and I still haven’t grown tired of it yet. I have developed a brand loyalty with them, not only because of how good it tastes, but because I love everything that they stand for as well. Being a product made with only simple, natural, good-for-you ingredients, I know that what I am putting into my body is only the best. This philosophy can be seen in all of their Instagram photos as well. They use bright, colorful, and healthy lifestyle photographs that showcase their product in a variety of different ways. This brand’s Instagram has motivated me to use social media to promote something in an honest and engaging way. They always comment on other company’s photos, and also reply to customers’ comments on their own photos as well. Along with the stunning photography– being sincere and taking the time to give back to their customers is what helped make Purely Elizabeth so successful on Instagram.


The second brand that I thought of was the Kind Campaign. They are a nonprofit movement, whose mission is to bring awareness and help heal those who have suffered bullying, but particularly girl-on-girl bullying. Their Instagram mainly focuses on conveying their message, whether that be through quotes, images of their different events, or even celebrities who can be seen supporting the movement.



This nonprofit company really caught my attention with their “You Can Sit With Us” campaign. Based off of the infamous quote “You can’t sit with us” told by Regina George in the movie Mean Girls, this contrasting campaign promotes the inclusion of everyone instead. Since many young girls often feel insecure, or that they don’t always belong when they are put in a room full of other women, I thought that this message was such a clever way for the brand to convey what they are all about. Along with the photos from their campaigns, they also include pictures of their different school programs that they host as well. This brand posts photos of real people, doing real things. They don’t always edit things to make them look 100% perfect, and I think that this has really helped build their following. A company is most successful on Instagram when they know how to target their audience, and showcase their message in a positive way. The Kind Campaign does just that.

Instagram is no longer a platform for us to share our personal photos, but a space for businesses to spread their message as well. Purely Elizabeth and the Kind Campaign are two companies that have mastered their use of photos to help showcase who their business is. By using bright, engaging, and inspirational images, both companies have proven the effectiveness of this social media platform. I hope to incorporate more of these ideas when posting to my own Instagram, because clearly they are effective.



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