Measuring Media

JRM 327 Social Media

After attending the Measurement Week event last Wednesday, I had left with a lot more information than I had originally anticipated. Using measurement online is a fairly new concept to me, especially since I feel as if this is an under advertised way of collecting data. I thought that the speakers did a great job of engaging the audience, and explaining their points in a way that could be applied to real life situations as well. Using measurement in the world of digital media is something that I look forward to discovering more about, because I believe that over the next decade or so, companies will depend a lot more on this way of analyzing data to help grow their business.

One aspect of the presentation that I found to be surprising was the PESO model. I guess I have always just associated communication as being via social media, without acknowledging the full spectrum of other forms that are used. I never knew that there were different areas of measurement as well, such as: paid, earned, shared , and owned. I really liked how this model takes into account all different kinds of communication outlets, and how this can benefit your ability to set more specific goals. pesomodel

I also really enjoyed when Randa demonstrated the case study that she had been working on with her company, because it helped put concepts from the presentation into action. After browsing through the International Association for the measurement and evaluation of communication, I stumbled upon a few more case studies that put this model into practice. Each story highlighted the importance of establishing a dynamic communication plan, and that by doing so it would help your business reach it’s highest potential.

In terms of how useful this presentation was, I would say that I definitely left with a better understanding of how we can use media in the future in order to statistically improve a company or business. The points that were made, such as: define your goals, use the SMART acronym, get familiar with excel, and communicate directly with your leadership team really gave me an insight into what skills are most beneficial to companies. I can absolutely say that this presentation helped solidify the way in which we can measure communication. I have typically thought of measurement as being graphs or tangible charts, but now I see that the future of measurement is truly going digital.


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