What’s My Sentence?

JRM 327 Social Media

So, it took me a long time to think of a sentence for this project. It’s somewhat intimidating to think of one simple line that is supposed to encompass me, and all that I stand for. When I first starting brainstorming ideas, a lot of descriptive words and phrases immediately popped in to my head. “Driven”, “Kind”, and “Confident” all came to me within seconds. While I think that all of those words do a very good job of explaining who I am, none of them felt as if they really fit. I wanted to adduce a part of me that gathers everything into one simple explanation. It took me many days, and lots of thinking, but I finally concluded to the perfect sentence.

“She turned her cants into cans, and her dreams into plans.”


I had heard of this quote once before, when my friend from home used it to describe me. She said, “Noelle, this quote is literally you in a sentence.” How fitting, right? Now, until this point I had completely forgotten that we had even had this conversation. But when I was thinking back on what I wanted my goal in life to be, this interaction between the two of us slowly resurfaced.

The more that I dwelled on these words, the more I realized how much they meant to me. All of my compiled adjectives somehow fit into this one singular idea. I want to set goals for myself, and actually accomplish them. I want to inspire others to be the best versions of themselves, and in return honor my own well-being. No matter what obstacles are thrown my way, I want to make sure that I make the most out of this life that was given to me.

As soon as I had thought of “my sentence”, I began to think about how social media and technology might play into this. Because I plan on majoring in Journalism and Business, I feel that my personal brand is even more important to my career. I think that social media is a great platform that can be used to display who I am and what I want my message to be, whether that be by utilizing Twitter, Instagram, a blog, etc. Using different forms of social media allows me to cultivate my creativity and use it to make a difference.

I think that no matter field of study you choose to go into, there is always going to be the importance of staying genuine. Whether that be in broadcasting, journalism, advertising, or anything else- the only way to truly become successful is by staying true to yourself and not following in someone else’s footsteps. I think that by having us create a sentence that portrays our message, it helps us to identify what we want our impact to be. This also helps to hold us accountable to our goals, in case we get led astray.

I thought that this assignment was very useful, and that it will only continue to benefit us as we get older. I am glad that I took the time to think of a meaningful sentence, and I am excited to start using it to guide me along my journey.



5 thoughts on “What’s My Sentence?

  1. Wow, this is an inspirational blog post to read! Your plan to set and complete goals, staying true to yourself, and remembering that you are the one that has to make the decisions and act upon it is a great way to think about living life. It sounds like you have yourself set on the right track and ready to take on any challenge that comes up in life!


  2. Loved your sentence! I think it is great that you made the connection between your sentence and your personal brand. I definitely agree and think it is most important to stay true to yourself – it’s the best way to become successful!


  3. Noelle,
    Great post. Even though I do not know you well, I can tell you are very dedicated and set high standards for yourself. I wish my friend would have given me a sentence because it was kinda difficult for me to come up with a sentence. I could not agree more that it’s extremely important to stay true to yourself and set goals to achieve.


  4. Loved how you sat and allowed your thoughts on your sentence to really resonate with you. I think thats pretty difficult to do when writing about yourself! I know at least for me I was pretty stuck on this one! Well done!


  5. I thought your sentence was really inspiring and something that everyone can relate to. My favorite thing was incorporating the idea of social media into the sentence and how it’s important to stay genuine to yourself no matter the field of study. Also, the part about how your friend basically came up with your sentence I found interesting because sometimes other people know us better, because as a society thinking about ourselves too much is intimidating.This sentence is definitely a great start to a successful career.


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