Let’s Get Social!

Social Media 327 Blog Post 1

In a world where almost everyone is connected via social media, it can be hard to take a step back and actually realize how much of our time we spend staring at our screens. For me personally, I try to use social media for a “purpose”. I have the standard apps like Instagram and Snapchat, which help me stay in contact with friends and family– but I also like to use some that benefit me in a productive way.

One way in which I purposefully use the media is by checking the news. My favorite way to stay informed on my phone or computer is to use TheSkimm. It is a daily newsletter that is sent to my email in the morning, and basically summarizes all of the most prevalent news stories in a witty and understandable way. Plus it takes less than 15 minutes to read, so it is perfect for when I’m in a rush to get to class.

Another app that I use daily is VSCO. This app is used to edit photos, and also serves as a platform to share them with other users as well. It’s sort of like Instagram, but more artsy and humble. I feel like this app helps to further encourage my passion for journalism and photography, as it essentially serves as another outlet for creativity and expression.


Now that you have gotten a glimpse into some of my favorite ways in which I use social media, I should probably explain why they are such a big part of my life. Ultimately, I love the way social media allows you to connect with other people. Whether it be a Facetime call with a friend who lives across the country, a picture of your daily activities via Snapchat, or an embarrassing group message made up of your family members– we all want to feel connected to those around us. Social media allows us to instantaneously network with almost anyone across the globe at any given moment, which I believe to be incredibly powerful. Along with connecting with those who we already know, social media also allows us to connect with those we don’t know as well. There are lots of blogs and social media accounts who I follow purely as a source of inspiration (@juliahengel is someone who never fails to leave me in awe every.single.time I visit her page).

Along with all of the amazing benefits that come with being connected via social media, there are also some consequences as well. I have found that I often find it hard to balance my time spent both on and off my screen. Because our phones and laptops are always within an arm’s reach away, it can be hard to put the devices down and just be present. I now have to make it a priority to live in the moment, and be conscious of not documenting too much of my life.

My goal is that this class will broaden my understanding of the ways in which social media can be used to promote purpose, instead of aimlessness. In a society that is so virtual, I hope that we remember to experience life outside of our phone screens as well.




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